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One year ago yesterday I put out Songs for the Millennium.

I was listening to Colossus for the first time in a while today and was shocked that it sounded better than I remembered it. A while after the EP was released I winced a little bit at the project as a whole. However, looking back at the constraining conditions I did it under I can comfortably say I'm glad it came out the way it did.

Recording the EP was not pleasant. I had three hours a week to track, record overdubs, mix and fully complete the project which was not efficient at all. In general the whole thing had a serious time and resource constraint. Vocal takes were done quickly and uncomfortably. That being said, I'm glad with how it came out.

It was a playground of ideas, I can hear me trying to find new directions to take the music in. I didn't want to do verse-chorus-verse songs that were three minutes long and sounded like most of the bullshit rock cliches I'm tired of hearing. I wanted to find something else. It's a very lost EP, in the best way possible. I didn't reinvent the wheel at all but the songs sound like they're looking for something else.

Stranger's Song was my favorite when I put it out, and still is my favorite to this day. Some friends of mine were really into Napalm. Colossus is a favorite of mine now again. It's a good example that my music lives and thrives in the rhythm section. I don't have a voice that can be front and center for a long period of time. Songs for the Millennium is an experiment of songwriting and production. The musicians I worked with on here were fantastic and sound great when I listen back. It was a start. It's a fun EP. A remaster may be ideal some day.

Thanks to everyone that's listened.

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