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I think of blogs I think of 2009. It seems like an outdated concept to me.

But here I am. Is this thing on?

Maybe it's just me but being "up to date" doesn't even have the same effect anymore. It's almost like an "Old World" idea, to put it like Fallout: New Vegas. People, independent artists especially, are the most free they have ever been to create and control their content in every way possible. It's liberating. Yet rock music finds itself in a repercussive loop that doesn't seem to ever end. It's always approached and marketed like it's 1985. As someone who loves rock music and writes rock-driven music, I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. The world is an ever-changing thing, and rock music feels like the ghost of an old world gone by to me most of the time [there's Fallout again].

I will release more music, of course. The transmission continues. I picture releasing singles actually, two/three songs at a time maybe. Why rush into an album? I'm taking my time exploring music. It likely won't sound much like Songs for the Millennium, which is a needed shift. It needs more industrial attitude, it needs more groove. Head nodding fuel. The music will come when it does in whatever way it does. No timeline.

Who the hell do I think I am starting a blog? My voice doesn't matter, I'm not special. But I'll be honest, so I got that going for me here. I'll think of a name eventually. This'll store random stories along the way. The loser shares his losses. The stranger gets strange.

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