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<_First of all, I'm completely okay. Some minor tenderness and sores. No major health complications, I'm very lucky. On with the story.

On Thursday night, I was driving home from work on I-95 S as usual. It was around 9:30PM, I just finished my shift working at my family's bakery [which has been my day gig for the past year or so]. I was driving in the right lane near Harbor Yard and right near the 27A on and off ramps. There I was when I saw in my rearview mirror what looked like a 18 wheeler changing into my lane right from the on ramp that's in that area. I noticed that was odd, and also noticed he was particularly close to my car. Suddenly, I started feeling this "BURRRRRRRRRR" grinding from the back of my car.

Making the realization that I was hit by this truck, I didn't do much else. Shock had set in; I tried moving my wheel but I couldn't, I think I released the gas pedal assuming the truck would stop too but I kept moving. Suddenly the Civic spun out and I'm jolting across three lanes of I-95 traffic. I'm lucky it was late as traffic was kind of light and all the cars had slowed down from what I had seen. For a brief moment though, my car landed while it was spinning and I made eye contact with a car's headlights coming at me from a distance. I kept spinning and was torn around my seat in my car and tapped my head on the visor above the driver's window [luckily it was a light tap, no headaches or pains]. Thank God for seatbelts, could've been worse.

I landed with my car halfway in the left lane and halfway in the emergency lane. I didn't hit the barrier as far as I'm concerned, I definitely would've noticed that impact. At that point, I didn't know what to do. I called my Dad, who was at the bakery that night and he told me he'd be there soon. I call the police, they sent a state cop out. Called my mother too to keep her in the loop.

My car was still drivable, so during the 911 call they told me to move the car fully into the emergency lane. I got out briefly and looked at the back of the car; It was almost unrecognizable, I didn't know how I was alive.

I then made the realization that the driver of the truck kept driving. He didn't stop. I didn't get a clear picture of the truck, or his plates, so the cop told me they can't do anything if they don't know what the truck looks like. All I saw was that brief rearview mirror look of the truck changing into my lane. With my father and the cop there, and because the car was still drivable, I ended up driving off the highway in the Civic with an escort by the cop and getting home [miraculously, I don't know how we drove that thing off the highway].

I got checked out by the doctor on Friday, no serious injury just some soreness. I'm okay. I feel very shaken right now.

Music will come out eventually, It's definitely still happening but as of right now I don't know with a lot of it. I'm just taking it easy for now_>

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